Sony Projector's Making Waves!

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Sony VPLVW1000ES


Tom Norton, Home Theater Review, January 2012,

“Given a good 1920 x 1080 HD source, the projector produced some of the best 2D images I’ve yet seen…To see such resolution from conventional HD material on a screen this large is simply jaw dropping.”

“The Sony’s blacks were respectable in its fixed iris settings but exceptional in the Auto Full dynamic mode…No one does dynamic irises better than Sony.”

“Sony certainly promises to deliver the right 4K stuff.”


Doug Blackburn, Wide Screen Review, February 2012

“Sony’s VPL-VW1000ES projector prototype produced the best 2-D Blu-ray images I’ve ever seen anywhere on any home                 theatre projection system.”

“…everything is simply cleaner and less grainy looking. The 1000ES has no visible pixel structure so there are no gaps between pixels at all. Diagonal or circular lines/edges are remarkably clean-looking and appear much sharper”

“Sony remains the gold standard for automatic iris programming. I couldn’t imagine using this projector with anything but        the full range automatic mode.”

“I have seen the future of home theatre and it is 4K”

“Even my wife, who is not into this stuff at all, kept asking if we were going to use the Sony projector for our weekend movies. All it took to hook her was one movie. She (and I) even preferred the images produced by the Sony projector over the images produced by a $55,000 HD projector. That $55,000 projector made the best looking HD images I had ever seen prior to the 1000ES. But the 1000ES made those images look rough and grainy in comparison.”

“A number of times I viewed half a movie on an HD projector and the other half on the Sony 4K projector. Every time, the       4K presentation was easily preferred over the HD projector in question.”



Art Feierman, Projector Reviews.Com, December 2011

“The 3D performance on the VW95ES has been rather glorious.”

“I don't know if it's new panels in the 95ES or some other reason, but Sony's blacks are better than ever.”

 “Sony is silky smooth for 2D with those rich blacks, and some great skin tones”

“This is a first class projector. It seems to suffer not a single, really noticeable flaw.”

“Sony looks like a Hot Product for those that want a really fine viewing experience in their home theaters”


Kris Deering, Home Theater Review, January 2012

“Sony has been right there at the top of the heap, too, earning our Top Pick for the last three projectors we’ve reviewed.”

“Sony always has sleek cabinets with gorgeous lines and great paint jobs. The VPL-VW95ES is no exception…gives off a great first impression with its flaked blue paint job and sexy curves.”

“And quiet seems to be the big word when it comes to the VPL-VW95ES; I’ve never experienced a quieter projector.”

“Sony has managed to deliver the most accurate calibration I’ve ever seen for out-of-the box performance…the Sony didn’t really need any calibration at all.”

“Sony’s dynamic system is one of the best I’ve seen…”

“One of the strongest performance points for the Sony is its motion resolution.”

“The VPL-VW95ES breezed through our video benchmark testing and earned top marks for both high and standard definition video testing.”

“…the Sony delivered it with some of the most spectacular, breathtaking, and exceptionally film-like HD images I’ve ever seen. The color rendition was outstanding and the depth afforded by the VPL-VW95ES, even on this 2D release, was incredible. This was an image that was easy to get lost in.”

“I was really impressed by just how seamlessly the dynamic iris worked with the VPL-VW95ES. There is a great scene in this film that normally wreaks havoc on dynamic iris systems. The Sony showed no signs of struggle at all.”

“I found the VPL-VW95ES a solid value. The out-of-box calibration is second to none, and Sony’s outstanding dynamic iris implementation and built-in 3D emitter make this one of the best projector experiences I’ve had right out of the box. “




Chris Eberle, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

“Color luminance is nearly perfect.  Many displays don’t measure this well after adjustment much less before.”

“Video processing was among the best I’ve tested from any display.”

“HW30 is one terrific projector.  And don’t forget the three-year warranty and ES-level service.  You won’t find this in any other projector at this price point.” 

“I have no qualms with giving this Sony a high recommendation.”

Geoffrey Morrison, Sound and Vision Magazine, Nov 2011,

 “Once you get 3D up and running, though, it looks good. Really good, in fact. The projector is so bright that its image still looks punchy…”

“Even without taking price into consideration, it’s a great projector. And when you do take price into consideration, it’s fantastic.”

“Some may classify the HW30ES as a “budget” projector, but given its performance, I can’t say it deserves such a mundane moniker.”


Tom Norton, Home Theater Review, February 2011

“Most important, I saw no ghosts on the 3D discs I watched—including discs that have ghosted consistently on many displays.”

“I watched a number of films with this projector on this screen, and it never came up less than roses.”

“The Sony had the superior blacks with its auto iris engaged…”

“VLP-HW30ES had its own story to tell, and it tells it brilliantly.”

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